Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Secret of Sticking to Your Diet

The Secret of Sticking to Your Diet

Do you know someone who burdened by excess kilos?

I am sure you do as the statistics tell us that 70 % of the Australian population is overweight or obese. There has been so much in the media on this subject you could not know about this major health problem.

The solution sounds simple: stick to a diet get more exercise and presto all is solved!

But what do you do if you can’t stick to diets or you simply put back all the lost weight plus more when you finish the diet?

I know this is a BIG problem that you are not alone with. My clients tell me of all the diets they have tried and yet they are still having weight problems.

As you may know I am a Naturopath and as such my training and values are around holistic treatment of health disorders. This as a matter of course means that I review the diet of each and every person that comes to consult with me.

It is true that most people that choose a Naturopath have a pretty good grasp of how to eat well, or at least one would think so. Yet weighty problems prevail.

This puzzles me, so I set about to find a simple natural healthy and holistic way to deal with the BIG problem of overweight and obesity.

After treating thousands of people over the past 15 years I had certain criteria that had to be met:
#1 It has to be easy to follow in everyday and often hectic life.
#2 It must be health building as well as weight loss
#3 I wanted it to be able to become part of normal life

Which also means it’s not really a diet but a way to build holistic health and natural vitality

#4 It must address the problem of cravings.
#5 Overcome the problem of nutritional imbalances and insufficiencies
#6 Improve metabolism
#7 Improve Fat burning and the building of lean muscle mass
#8 Provide the optimal balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein
#9 Be affordable in these challenging times

I’m not a big fan of fad diets, in fact do not recommend them to my clients at all.

I wanted to be able to provide coaching and support to clients as I know that part of the battle can be some of the hidden belief patterns that have formed and shape you life over many years.

I get a big kick when one of my clients relates how much this part of their treatment program has improved not only their health but their entire outlook on life, their relationships and so much more.

These belief patterns hold a hidden treasure trove of stumbling blocks to trip you up in life.
Why? Because often they where formed when we where such little people with our lopsided logic along with the influence of our parents and other important people in our tender lives.

Some people eat for comfort, security, self loathing, etc but that’s other people, not you, right?

After months of intensive research and many phone calls, coaching sessions and much pondering:

I am pleased to let you know that I have recently launched the Whole Life Vitality program to Improve Health & Vitality Lose Weight, Look Great and Feel Fantastic .
I invite you to take a look at and if you have any questions please email me
Tell me your story with weight loss, ask questions, what makes weight loss so difficult for you?