Monday, March 26, 2012

25 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

25 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

The immune system main task is to defeat the attempts of environmental forces to overrun, destroy or gain control of any part of the body. The skin and mucus membranes are the first block to the detrimental microorganisms from entering the body. If dangerous microorganisms do gain entry to the body then it’s the task of your immune system to overcome the invasion. It sounds dramatic, yes but on a microscopic level it is all out war and your wonderful immune system does most of it’s work without you even being aware of it on a day to day basis. Often the only time it is noticed is when you feel unwell and ‘come down with the flu’.
We can tackle the problem with natural remedies effectively after you have already succumbed, or you can take preventative measures before you lose valuable work time feeling ill in bed for days on end.
Today we will look at effective, natural and safe ways to improve your immune system so it can keep doing the excellent work of protecting against invasion of harmful microorganisms.
1. Reduce Stress
2. Keep hydrated, drink more Water
3. Regular moderate Exercise
4. Optimal quantities of Sleep
5. Minerals – Zinc, and trace mineral Selenium
6. Whey Protein - Grade 7 organic, undenatured such as Isalean™ shakes found here:
7. Co Q 10
8. Vitamin D both these plus Resveratol is found in Ageless Actives More info here:
9. Spirulina available at your health food store
10. Natural Yogurt – with live Lactobacillus bacteria or supplements
11. Flax Seed Oil – available in liquid or capsule form from your health food store
12. Garlic – raw garlic if used fresh or taken in capsule form
13. Beneficial Herbs –
14. a)Burdock, b) Siberian Ginseng, c) Ashwangandha, found in “Cleanse For Life” more info here:
15. Echinacea – From your Health food store or Natural Therapist
16. Olive Leaf Extract – From your Health Food Store or Natural Therapist
17. Shiitake Mushrooms
18. Reishi Mushrooms
19. Eggs
20. Iron – natural forms co-factors vitamin C and B 12 enhance absorption
21. Healthy Mineral Balance – visit for your complimentary mineral assessment
22. Vitamin A
23. Vitamin E
24. Vitamin B1
25. Detox – the gentle way to clear the system of toxic overload is take a “Nutritional Cleanse”™ more info here:

Big list that could be a little overwhelming or confusing, but I wanted to give you as many easily available options as possible. Your Natural Health Care Professional can help you determine the ideal combination of these important natural immune enhances.
Kathy Edwards Naturopath with over 20 years experience is now offering priority client programs begin with a complimentary telephone consult and online mineral assessment for improved wellbeing visit for more information.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What You Don't Know Will Kill You

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting an amazing, smart man this weekend. What a wonderful thing that we have Dr Colgan in our world!

His very informative talk focused on brain function and the loss of it with ageing. Interestingly he noted that they have found the 5 causes of Alzheimers and the scary bit is that the decline begins at around 30 years old!

Apart from scaring us, he did give hope with some very practicle things that can be done each and every day to help prevent the decline, or at least slow it down, even if we are no longer in our youthful 30's.

Dr Colgan is living proof that this system works, he is 72 years old and can do 1 handed pushup! He did them on the stage, very impressive, I do like a man with a fit and toned body.... joking :-)

Listen to what he has to say in this short video If your an athlete you will be interested in this as I am sure you have heard of Dr Colgan. If you are getting older you will be VERY interested to find out more of what this man and his colleges have been working on. There have been a number of MAJOR breakthroughs in the science of ageing. Enjoy!