Monday, November 5, 2012

Changes to Avoid as Hormones Levels Decline with Age

Terrible Isn't It? 

Bad enough that the skin goes dry and saggy, the belly bulges and won’t seem to shift, energy depletes, libido vanishes, joints ache. Then on top of all that you feel rather worried and somewhat miserable with the prospects and this can make you a little edgy at times.  They say it’s just a part of getting older and is normal.

I'm here to tell you just because it’s common does not mean its normal!

All of the above complaints have been associated with ageing and all are associated with a drop in gender specific hormone levels. How do we separate declining hormones and ageing. We can’t really, but the good news is as we support the hormone production we also are doing the best we can to slow the over-all ageing process.

I do advocate the use of supplements, there is just no way to get enough of the essential nutrients into your system from healthy, organic, fresh in season foods (let alone, chemically treated, mass produced, stored, travelled, nutrient depleted foods) to overcome the damage caused as your body ages.
Having said that the very first supplement I believe EVERYONE needs to take is Omega 3 or fish oil.
Fish oil is a rich source of the essential fatty acid Omega 3, when your body has enough Omega 3 it will make the necessary Omega 6 and 9. Recent studies link the high intake of Omega 6 with inflammation, most diets are too high in Omega 6 (from grain oils) and it is necessary to take Omega 3 to balance this overload.
Reduce inflammation, i.e. achy, stiff joint by ensuring adequate intake of Omega 3 essential fatty acid. They also alleviate dry skin, and help in preventing some of the cancers that are associated with female and male reproductive system. The dose will vary depending on how much Omega 6 oils are in your diet (sunflower/safflower,corn, oil, etc) but a guide is between 1,600 mg -2,850 mg per day.

Shed Belly Fat, Build Lean Muscle 

Quality protein increases lean muscle and sheds belly fat (visceral fat). Protein is also essential for the healthy production of testosterone. 
Testosterone though commonly thought of as a male hormone, and it is true that males produce much higher quantities of this hormone, females also need testosterone. Testosterone is important in energy levels, the immune system stamina and muscle growth.
In the female testosterone is responsible for libido, it is produced in the ovaries until menopause. After menopause its production for most women goes over to the adrenal glands. Not all women have healthy adrenal glands due to adrenal exhaustion; this process therefore cannot be successfully transferred.
Unlike other female hormones that have been synthesised and given as a replacement therapy, often with varying degrees of success and side effects. Testosterone is not suitable for supplementation as the body can and will convert it to Oestrogens which may increase the risk of feminization in males and the associated risks of oestrogen dependant cancers in both males and females.  

The body will manufacture testosterone if the building blocks are in place. One of the essential building blocks for testosterone is protein. Interestingly protein also builds lean muscle, and reduces visceral (belly) fat. As talked about in last weeks article. 

Recent studies Isagenix superior to leading 'heart Healthy Diet" read more
The BEST source of quality protein is from Whey and not just any whey, undenatured whey as in our isalean shakes.

Next week we look at The Adrenal Glands, Stress and Ageing

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Which Whey to Weight Loss

Which Whey to Weight Loss and Lean Muscle?

Whey protein is most often used in shakes that are either meal replacements in weight loss programs or for body building. Whey Protein is the highest biological value of all known foods; this means that it has the highest amount of protein retained in the human body per gram of protein absorbed. Which makes it a wonder food, and that is just some of the possible benefits.
It helps build lean muscle and increases muscle strength which primarily why the body builders and sports people are so keen on the wonders of whey. It also helps in increasing stamina and has protective qualities from a number of serious health issues. It also helps reduce appetite, can counteract the negative effects of stress and may help reduce weight in people afflicted with obesity and overweight. Whey is an ideal when it comes to weight loss and building lean muscle
BUT are all whey proteins the same? How do you know if the one you have is of a suitable quality.
As a consulting Naturopath I have had clients consult me that have seriously damaged their health long term by the over and incorrect use of Protein powders particularly for body building but also in weight loss programs.
The first step is to understand whey protein.  Worldwide we have access to numerous whey based protein powders, though some have an addition of soy. It would seem the majority of Whey Protein powders are grade 2 or 3. Pure whey protein is considered the best protein by fitness and nutrition experts.
To get the benefits of whey protein it is best to make sure yours is pure undenatured whey protein. Undenatured means the molecular structure of the protein has not been altered by high heating during processing. Undenatured protein is easily assimilated in to the body and Grade 7 gives the lowest fat content of all available whey protein powders.
Some protein powders can have as little as 10% of the desirable amino acids
The Ultimate Meal in Complete & Balanced Nutrition
Grade 7 undenatured organic whey protein from Isagenix

Give your body the ultimate in nutrition every day with IsaLean Shakes. Our delicious shakes combine balanced quality proteins, good fats, low-glycemic carbohydrates, fibre and a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. IsaLean Shakes are made with the highest grade whey protein in the world, grade 7 undenatured whey from grass-fed New Zealand cows that are not treated with any hormones, antibiotics or steroids. This whey protein is processed using a proprietary technology that leaves it with the highest amino acid profile on the market. Each 2 scoop shake is a complete meal replacement - contains 23g of protein; yet has only 240 calories and 6g of fat and is available in chocolate or vanilla flavours.
- Clinically shown to support healthy weight loss and weight management

High in quality whey and casein proteins to maintain or gain lean muscle
- Helps build strength & endurance
- Low lactose for easy digestion, without bloating
- Supports healthy bones with macro-minerals such as calcium, phosphorus & magnesium
- Supports well-being with" Ionic Alfalfa", a trade-marked alfalfa juice concentrate that is enriched with over 70 trace minerals
- Contains Zinc for energy metabolism & protein synthesis, iodine for support of thyroid hormones and chromium to help support healthy blood sugar levels

Low in sodium and cholesterol to promote heart health
- Wheat, gluten & barley free
Heart Health Friendly
Most people who are aiming to lose weight are well aware of the risk of cardio vascular accidents associated with overweight and obesity. New research shows that not only reduction in weight but also reduction in oxidative stress is essential for heart health.
What is oxidative stress? Technically: oxidation is a chemical reaction in which an Electron is attracted away from an oxidized entity. What does that mean you may well ask? Perhaps it’s better if I explain the known implications of this process.
Chronic oxidative stress breaks down proteins, increases basal metabolic rate, and causes huge fluctuations in hormone release over an extended period of time. These demands on the body can cause premature ageing  decrease energy, store fat and ultimately could lead to the development of chronic disease.
Herbal Adaptogens and Antioxidants play a key role in combating oxidative stress. A study published in the August issue of the journal Appetite shows that combing whey protein supplementation suggests that whey protein improves antioxidant defences.
When looking to lose weight, make sure that all bases are covered. Grade 7 undenatured organic whey protein plays a vital role in muscle growth and maintenance, increased satiety and appetite, control and reduction of body fat (specifically visceral fat – the fat that bathes your vital organs), and the latest research suggests that it also improves antioxidant defences. Thus your weight loss program can be a powerful method to slow the ageing process, increase energy, reduce fat and ward off chronic disease. 
for more informations visit:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Factors That Contribute to Rapid Ageing

Ageing is a fact of life, but how quickly we age is not just a function of genetic disposition. How we choose to live, as much as who we are, can determine how we age and whether we will live a longer and healthier life. Factors that tend to accelerate the ageing process-
Factors that we can control-include:
  • Lack of regular exercise
  • Poor dietary habits
  • Failing to consume an optimal level of vitamins and nutrients
  • Being overweight
  • Failing to get enough sleep
  • Failing to drink sufficient amounts of water
  • Exposure to excessive amounts of stress
  • Exposure to toxins
  • Engaging in unhealthy habits (smoking, excessive drinking, and etc.)
To increase your odds of living longer, and living a better quality of life as you age, take control of your life and counter the factors that contribute to premature ageing by adopting the following nine steps to a healthier life.
Exercise Regularly - Regular exercise and physical activity are key factors in maintaining health. Particularly with older adults, regular physical activity increases the chances of continuing to be able to do the things we enjoy and to remain independent. Studies show that regular exercise can benefit people with arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, and diabetes. And exercise doesn't have to be intense; find the right level of physical activity for you and do it regularly.
Adopt a Healthy Diet – Consuming a lower calorie diet rich in nutrients and fibre but low in fat and sugar is a key factor in maintaining a healthy weight and enhancing your quality of life. Eat a nutritious breakfast every day. Avoid sodas and drink lots of water. Eat lean foods low in fat and sugar, and get lots of fibre and protein. Enjoy healthy snacks between meals.
Supplement Your Diet with Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients– As a consequence of current food processing techniques and mineral deficient soil, many of us are not getting the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients essential to optimal health. And an optimal dose of essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients decrease the risk of chronic degenerative diseases linked to nutritional deficiencies. The combination of a healthy diet with daily supplements provides the best opportunity for optimal nutrition and health.
Maintain a Healthy Weight – Being overweight may put you at increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, some types of cancer, arthritis, and other chronic diseases. Although we cannot control all of the factors that lead to weight gain, regular exercise and a healthy diet are key factors in maintaining a healthy weight.
Get the Proper Amount of Sleep – Adequate sleep in an essential factor in our well-being. Cell regeneration and cell growth occur primarily during periods of rest. Certain hormones critical to the proper functioning of the body are produced only during certain phases of deep sleep. If you have problems sleeping, or getting the proper amount of sleep, address them.
Drink Lots of Water - It is no secret that water is a key essential to life. What is less well known is that most of us don’t drink enough water on a daily basis. Every system in your body depends on water. Water flushes toxins out of vital organs, helps to carry nutrients to your cells, and provides fluids essential to bodily functions. Water also has no calories and is sugar free. How much water you should drink varies depending on a number of factors, including your health, how much you exercise, and where you live. But make sure you drink enough water every day.
Avoid Stress – Stress is a natural reaction to external factors, but failing to deal with excessive amounts of stress can lead to stomach disorders, shortness of breath, back pain, headaches and insomnia and, indirectly an increased risk of chronic degenerative disease that can lead to premature ageing. The best approach to coping with stress, in addition to exercising stress management skills, is to exercise regularly, eat properly, and obtain proper amounts of sleep.
Reduce Exposure to Toxins – Exposure to toxins and chemicals in today’s world is unavoidable, but you can reduce your exposure to unhealthy levels of toxins and maintain a healthy lifestyle that supports the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself of toxins. Eating the right foods, particularly organic foods, avoiding excessive amounts of processed foods, and drinking purified water can help to reduce the amount of toxins your body takes in. And exercising regularly, staying hydrated, and getting the proper amount of sleep will help your body cleanse itself of toxins and chemicals harmful to your health.
Don’t Smoke; Only Consume Alcohol in Moderation - Smoking not only contributes to increased risk of chronic, life shortening degenerative diseases such as heart related illnesses, stroke, and cancer, but also is a key factor in premature ageing and is associated with shorter lifespans. If you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you do smoke, stop.
Research indicates that excessive alcohol consumption can lead not only to an increased risk of degenerative disease that may shorten your lifespan, but also to an increased risk of premature ageing, where the symptoms of ageing appear earlier than normal or where the symptoms of ageing are more pronounced than would otherwise be the case. If you drink, drink in moderation.
Research shows that ageing is due to the cumulative effect of a number of factors; no single factor is the sole, or even primary, factor in how we age and how long we will live. Accordingly, there is no single product or magic bullet that can guarantee longer life. But you can-and should-take steps to increase your odds of living longer and healthier by taking charge of your life and following the nine steps summarized above.

Through Kathy's website and personal consultations she helps people to Get Well and Stay Well Naturally - Release = fat and Toxins. Rebalance = Nutrition, digestion, elimination, hormones, stress. Rejuvenate = energy, focus, quality sleep.
Kathy has a passion for Natural Health and enjoys seeing the results as people enjoy optimal health and wellness


20 Good Reason Why You may Need Supplements

20 Good Reasons Why You May Need Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins are naturally occurring nutrients essential for wellbeing, and assist in the processing of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In ideal conditions vitamins are supplied in a well balanced diet of complex carbohydrates, protein, fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, which are adequate levels for health.   In reality there are many reasons why you may need vitamin supplements to cope with living in the 21st century environment.  Australian soils are ancient and deficient in trace elements. Decades of intensive farming can overwork and deplete soils, unless ALL soil nutrients including trace elements are regularly replaced.
 Taking vitamins when required is a safe method of optimising dietary sources of nutrients, and can play a key role in prevention of deficiency diseases.

20 Factors That May Contribute to Vitamin Depletion

1.       Stress
2.       Poor Diet
3.       Farming practices
4.       Poor Digestion
5.       Food Allergies
6.       Calorie restricted diets
7.       Over consumption of highly refined carbohydrates (white flour products, sugar, white rice)
8.       Strenuous exercise
9.       Alcohol
10.   Smoking
11.   Caffeine
12.   Accidents and Illness
13.   Pregnancy
14.   Elderly
15.   Drugs – both illicit and prescription
16.   Over cooking
17.   Lack of sunlight exposure on the skin
18.   Food Storage
19.   Environmental pollution
20.   Low bodily reserves
Follow instructions on product labels or consult your health professional for further advice.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Adapt and Revitalize

The constant hammering of stress is sometimes relentless. High demand jobs, challenges in relationships, illness, technology, traffic, noise, and worry are just a summary of the stressors that we all face in our busy life.  Stresses can inspire some and cripple others, and for most create energy drain that make it even more difficult to manage the next round of stress.
Adaptation is what we humans do best making us one of the most successful species on the planet.  Yes, we do adapt to a certain amount of stress, though when it becomes excessive and constant trouble begins. Energy is depleted, moods swing, the immune system is less effective, hormone balance altered and the speed of aging is accelerated.
Nature provides a powerful combination of stress relieving herbal adaptogens, vitamins and importantly; minerals to revitalize the body and mind. These natural tonics and herbal adaptogens are natures answer to stress.
The three essential criteria to look for in any adaptogens:
·         An Adaptogen must be non-toxic
·         Adaptogens must increase the body’s resistance to multiple stressors
·         An Adaptogen must have a normalizing effect on the body’s natural responses to stress.
The gift of tonics and adaptogens to transform your stress response across all body systems has far reaching positive repercussions. If you’re under chronic stress or suffering from anxiety or adrenal fatigue your body is crying out for herbal adaptogens and natural tonics. Following are just some of those powerful tonics and herbal adaptogens:

Top 8 Herbal Adaptogens

Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherocuccus senticosus) – considered the “King Of Adaptogens”

·         Increases vitality, stamina and mental performance.
·          Improves immune function and resistance to bacteria and virus.
·          Minimises the effects of environmental, occupational and physical stress and stress associated with chronic illness.

Wolfberry (Lycium barbarum)

·         Enhances Immune function
·         Improves Energy and reduces fatigue
·         Beneficial for Liver function
·         Helps improve sleep, concentration and stress

Schizandra (Schizndra chinesis)

·         Useful for liver detoxification
·         Boost stress protective effects
·         Enhances mental performance
·         Normalizes blood sugar levels
·         Traditionally used to treat asthma, dry cough,  night sweets and chronic fatigue

Rhodeodendron caucasicum

·         Unique for its ‘fat control’ and antioxidant properties.
·         Considered a longevity herb
·         Helps the body eliminate uric acid

Rhodiola rosea

·         Posses life extension potential
·         Improves circulation and immunity
·         Antioxidant and improves stamina and recovery
·         Alleviates anxiety and depression
·         Improves attention span memory
·         Relieves stress
·         Prevents fatigue and improves the body’s production of energy

Tribula terrestris

·         Improves  fertility and libido in men and women
·         Has a detoxifying effect on the liver

Ashwangda (Withania somnifera)

·         Improves immune system
·         Increase energy, stamina and reduces fatigue
·         Alleviates anxiety, depression and stress
·         Improves Male fertility and libido

Shilajit – the Miracle of the Himalayas

·         Considered nature’s most perfect, potent nutrient dense food
·          Adaptogenic Properties – Helps the Body Adapt to Stress
·         Supports Longevity
·          Natural Aphrodisiac
·         Reduces Stress, Fatigue, and Muscle Weakness
·         Increases Immunity, Strength, and Endurance
·         Powerful Antioxidant – Counteracts Free-Radical Activity
·         Strengthens Digestion and Supports Absorption of Nutrients into the Body
·         Enhances Memory and Recall, Improves Cognitive Activity
·         Helps Balance Menstrual Cycle
·          Helps Decrease Body Fat and Increase Lean Muscle Mass
·          Reduces Allergies
·         Aids with Conditions of the Joints, Muscles, Bones, and Nerves
·         Anti-Inflammatory Agent
·          Enhances Skin Health
·          Supports the Functions of the Cardiovascular System
·         Supports in Balancing Cholesterol Levels

When Master formulator John Anderson with over 30 years industry experience comes out of retirement to create his own proprietary blend each ingredient is chosen to target the cause and relief of stress.  Having access the highest quality organic ingredients from the world over this no compromise blend is without rival. These are the other essential stress relieving tonics and ingredients chosen for their special qualities

The B vitamins support the adrenal and immune system

Alpha Lipoic Acid.

·         Powerful anti-aging and antioxidant properties
·         Cell protector
·         Immune enhancer
·         Boost Vitamin B’s convert carbohydrates, protein and fats into immediate energy source

70 Micro nutrients and organic ionic trace minerals


·         Aids digestion
·         High in silica (beneficial for hair skin and nails)

Fulvic Acid – Natures miracle molecule....
The strongest chelating agent known to man, it assists absorption of vitamins and minerals and enhances cell communication
Create this on a base of Quartz crystal mineral rich water with high levels of silica, calcium, magnesium and other vital minerals needed you our body for optimum health.

And you have the Ultimate “Anti-Stress”, Body-Balancing Rejuvenator . . .
Combining Ancient Wisdom with Modern Technology ~ over 100 Active Ingredients! It is known as the “Ultimate Body-Balancer and Rejuvenator”. . . assisting in the healing process . . .reducing the effects of Stress . . . creating Energy . . . and promoting optimal health.
Perfect for Body, Mind and Spirit!
#1 Daily “MUST TAKE” Anti-Stress Rejuvenator
Ionix Supreme... follow the link below

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Could it be Food Allergy?

Eating food that you are ALLERGIC to can have some very serious consequences that may require hospitalization, the numbers of people afflicted with this condition is around 8% according to estimates.

Food intolerance is much more common and the signs and symptoms are varied in degree and reaction. It has been estimated that up to 75% of the population has some type of food intolerance.

Some common signs of food intolerance are; sneezing, wheezing, skin reactions and rashes, digestive disturbance; including gas, bloat, constipation and/or diarrhoea/cramp/IBS. Fatigue is frequent and there can be headache, vertigo and mouth ulcers.

A long list really, and many of those symptoms could be confused with a number of other health problems. It is important to discover if it is a troublesome food or number of different food, as it is perhaps the easiest of all health problems to control. Simply avoid the offending foods and the majority of the symptoms go away.

That sounds pretty simple, but to discover if it is in fact a food intolerance or not can be a little more complicated. The traditional method has been to do an elimination diet, which involves eating a very restricted diet until the symptoms subside then gradually introduce or challenge food groups in a controlled way. This is best done under the supervision of a qualified health professional.

Restricting dietary intake has it’s own draw backs, the calories for energy could be limited, nutrient to maintain a healthy functioning immune system may also be challenged. This can be aided a little by taking suitable supplements and herbals to support the person while doing the elimination diet. I can set you up with an elimination diet, email for details.

Personally I am not totally in favour of the elimination diet, for a number of reasons. Primarily, the person suffering from a host of the signs suggested above is already suffering from a compromised immune system and to remove more nutrients from their system would add to the stress on their immune system. Plus there are much quicker, ways to find out accurately exactly which foods pose a problem and how much of a problem that is, granted it cost more.

The immune system is perhaps the key factor when it comes to food intolerance. I explain it to my clients like this: Your immune system is like an army whose primary brief is to ward off invaders; it usually does a very good job of this, save the odd cold. If there is a lot of stress on the body, the immune system become over reactive, as it fatigues it begins to fire on anything that slightly resembles an invader. It is designed to remember ‘invaders’ for future reference, so once it takes begins to react to what is a normal food, it remembers this food as an invader in the future. Thus we have the reactions that show up as the signs and symptoms of food intolerance.
Stresses can come from the physical world, such as pollutions, environmental toxins (let’s face there is no shortage of those these days!) Household chemicals, food additives and colours, or even some medications. The stress could be from a lack; a lack of specific nutrients required to maintain a healthy immune system. Or it could be emotional stress, major life drama can have a massive effect on your health, please refer to a previous article “When Stress Affects Your Health”

With careful questioning and iridology, sometimes prime suspect foods can be isolated and it may be just a matter of removing that food group for a period then challenging it at a later date. At the same time I find it very important to address specific areas to support individual’s wellness while this process is happening. Every person is unique and as a holistic health care professional it would be against everything I have been taught and believe in, I treat the whole person, not simply a sign or symptom.

For those whose indicators are not so clear and as a trained professional I cannot take an educated guess as to a particular food group, and for those who really want to know for sure exactly which foods could possibly be causing a host of distressing signs and symptoms, I prefer to use a food intolerance test.

The food intolerance test is a simple procedure; a kit is posted to the client with instructions for collection. The sample (a drop of blood) is sent via post to our fully accredited libratory for processing and the results returned within 10 days. Visit for more information.

Kathy Edwards, Naturopath, Wellness Business Coach; Specializing in Women’s Health, Hormone Balance, Stress, Food Intolerance and Anti-Aging

Monday, March 26, 2012

25 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

25 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

The immune system main task is to defeat the attempts of environmental forces to overrun, destroy or gain control of any part of the body. The skin and mucus membranes are the first block to the detrimental microorganisms from entering the body. If dangerous microorganisms do gain entry to the body then it’s the task of your immune system to overcome the invasion. It sounds dramatic, yes but on a microscopic level it is all out war and your wonderful immune system does most of it’s work without you even being aware of it on a day to day basis. Often the only time it is noticed is when you feel unwell and ‘come down with the flu’.
We can tackle the problem with natural remedies effectively after you have already succumbed, or you can take preventative measures before you lose valuable work time feeling ill in bed for days on end.
Today we will look at effective, natural and safe ways to improve your immune system so it can keep doing the excellent work of protecting against invasion of harmful microorganisms.
1. Reduce Stress
2. Keep hydrated, drink more Water
3. Regular moderate Exercise
4. Optimal quantities of Sleep
5. Minerals – Zinc, and trace mineral Selenium
6. Whey Protein - Grade 7 organic, undenatured such as Isalean™ shakes found here:
7. Co Q 10
8. Vitamin D both these plus Resveratol is found in Ageless Actives More info here:
9. Spirulina available at your health food store
10. Natural Yogurt – with live Lactobacillus bacteria or supplements
11. Flax Seed Oil – available in liquid or capsule form from your health food store
12. Garlic – raw garlic if used fresh or taken in capsule form
13. Beneficial Herbs –
14. a)Burdock, b) Siberian Ginseng, c) Ashwangandha, found in “Cleanse For Life” more info here:
15. Echinacea – From your Health food store or Natural Therapist
16. Olive Leaf Extract – From your Health Food Store or Natural Therapist
17. Shiitake Mushrooms
18. Reishi Mushrooms
19. Eggs
20. Iron – natural forms co-factors vitamin C and B 12 enhance absorption
21. Healthy Mineral Balance – visit for your complimentary mineral assessment
22. Vitamin A
23. Vitamin E
24. Vitamin B1
25. Detox – the gentle way to clear the system of toxic overload is take a “Nutritional Cleanse”™ more info here:

Big list that could be a little overwhelming or confusing, but I wanted to give you as many easily available options as possible. Your Natural Health Care Professional can help you determine the ideal combination of these important natural immune enhances.
Kathy Edwards Naturopath with over 20 years experience is now offering priority client programs begin with a complimentary telephone consult and online mineral assessment for improved wellbeing visit for more information.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What You Don't Know Will Kill You

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting an amazing, smart man this weekend. What a wonderful thing that we have Dr Colgan in our world!

His very informative talk focused on brain function and the loss of it with ageing. Interestingly he noted that they have found the 5 causes of Alzheimers and the scary bit is that the decline begins at around 30 years old!

Apart from scaring us, he did give hope with some very practicle things that can be done each and every day to help prevent the decline, or at least slow it down, even if we are no longer in our youthful 30's.

Dr Colgan is living proof that this system works, he is 72 years old and can do 1 handed pushup! He did them on the stage, very impressive, I do like a man with a fit and toned body.... joking :-)

Listen to what he has to say in this short video If your an athlete you will be interested in this as I am sure you have heard of Dr Colgan. If you are getting older you will be VERY interested to find out more of what this man and his colleges have been working on. There have been a number of MAJOR breakthroughs in the science of ageing. Enjoy!