Monday, February 23, 2009

a gift

I have something special for my newsletter readers, as a thank you for your support and interest in Natural Health and Well being.
As you know I am a Naturopath and over the past 20 years of working in this area I have developed some systems that enable me to rapidly get to the cause of dis-order so I can begin my treatment plan.
I wanted to share that with as many people as possible, so I set about the challenging task of breaking down what I do instinctively, into a series of simplified steps. And that is what I want to share with you, as this holds the keys to giving you back the power to determine your well being destiny.
The way that I have chosen to present this is through the internet and via telephone much like a conference. This eliminates geographic limitations as well as being very time efficient.
I would like to offer my readers the opportunity to try this “new” system at no cost. This will give to you as well as helping me fulfil my goal to share my “new” system with as many people as possible, to empower individuals in their wellbeing.
I do this for a number of reasons and one of them is my very personal and strong belief that your wellbeing is your destiny and should in no way be ruled by drug companies, as it is so often, (their power has grown enormously over the 20 years I have been practicing). I want to give, in my small way, the power back to the people.
Firstly we will set up your appointment, then, I will email you the “Blueprint for Well being” which is followed by our appointed telephone meeting to discuss and develop your Well being plan. Your well being plan is developed by you, to suit you and your lifestyle. I will guide you through the process with the aid of my “Blueprint for Well being”. You can keep all that you learn and the Blueprint for your health and well being future, I am sure you will have the opportunity to refer to it, either for yourself or to help family and friends.
This powerful tool is yours for Fr** if you are ready to stop struggling and get well.
Just email and we shall set up a 30 minute appointment and I will email you the “Blueprint For Wellbeing”.
This is an obligation fr** offer, except for one small favour; I just ask you to take a few minutes after our call to fill in my feedback form, that’s all.
Wishing you Healthy Success
Katherine Sabathie ND, BHSc, ATMS Naturopath & Health
p.s. Learn more here: and email me at: to set up your Fr**call.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


It can get pretty hot in Australia and we ALL do what we can to cool off, check this email that was passed on to me. So cute and so funny I had to share it.

It has been so hot in SA for over a week...40+ degrees Celsius everyday, very dry also.A guy at work lives at Maude. His wife sent him these photos of a little Koala which just walked into the back porch looking for a bit of heat relief. She filled up a bucket and this is what happened!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can you help me out?

Hi there,
I have created a short survey, and I would really appreciate your thoughts.
It's an interesting process creating what I think you want, but not really knowing unless you tell me. I would like to be able to support your healing journey as much as possible, hence the survey to collect your feedback.

Please take a moment to fill in this quick survey, the results have been very interesting so far, but I would like to hear from more of you.

here is the link. When you have finished come back and leave your comments, I do read them.

Thank you so much, here is the link:
Click Here to take survey