Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's Back to School Time

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Back to School time, give them a boost
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NEW Ask the Naturopath

A New feature on the new improved version of my website, (a constant process I must say) is the ASK THE NATUROPATH link. You can email your questions and I will get back to you with Natural health and wellbeing solutions. It is possible to set up a skype appointment , send me an email with your request.
Don’t know what Skype is? It’s a way to make free telephone calls on your computer, just go to and it tells you how to set it up.

Yes it’s a new name, The Health Nut will remain but with a new banner TOTAL HEALTH & WELLBEING
I have been collecting some really great resources and information on Natural Health and Wellbeing. The first of them have been uploaded and ready for you to review, I will let you know more later
Back to School

My sweet little grandson begins BIG school today; it seems such a short time since he was born!

I thought it may be a good time to share the advice I gave my daughter. It’s an important time of year especially for those children starting a new school or starting big school. As an adult we would call it stress and that puts extra strains on the immune system. The immune system protects against infections, and there are plenty of natural ways to build up the immune system, thus protect our little people from all those minor illnesses children love to share around.

Let us begin with some very simple measures.

Rest, making sure adequate rest and sleep with bed time routines that are relaxing. Go to bed at an age appropriate time, which may be pretty early for our “kindy” people.

Good Nutrition which includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and reduced fast foods/processed packaged foods.

Excellent hydration: Give them clean filtered water or dilute pure fruit juice. Avoid over consumption of fruit juices and avoid sugar filled drinks.

Exercise: After a big day in school, let them run free, go out and kick a ball, or take them to a nice park to play.
It’s a nice stress release after a day of sitting still, which is totally against children’s nature. 30-45 minutes is fine if there is a big homework list.

Supplements: It’s a time when supplementing good nutrition is often of great benefit. Even if their diet is perfect, at these times of added stress supplements will provide added protection.

A good quality multi-vitamin, there are many children’s versions available wither in your local store or grab them online, link below

Another essential for growing little people are essential fatty acids and I am pleased to say there is a great Children’s version available online also go to the children’s section. These are essential for growth and development and modern diets are notably lacking in them.

When you go to this page click on healthy children

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Empowered Choices and Natural Hormonal Balance

Empowered Choices and Natural Hormonal Balance
Female hormones have the power to make your feel beautiful, powerful and a woman!
They can turn our world upside down and leave us feeling powerless, confused, frumpy, fat,
Unmotivated, angry and somewhat ‘crazy’; anything but beautiful and sexy!

As I am sure you are aware, hormones are responsible for our sexuality, give us our body shape, determine how much hair we have, give our voice high or low pitch, and many other male and female attributes. What you may not be aware of is that hormones also regulate sleep, immune system, metabolic rate, body temperature, skin elasticity, bone density, weight, appetite, mental state, moods, memory, ageing parameters, and much more.

The unfortunate truth is that too many women have their lives governed by hormonal disturbances, some minor; some disturbance can have a major impact on the quality of life and can also have fairly major impact on their health.

Some of the symptoms that hormonal imbalance can cause are:

· Hot flushes
· Mood Swings
· Irregular Menstrual Cycle
· Lose of mental focus
· Depression
· Sore Breast
· Fluid Retention
· Loss of libido
· Fibroid Cysts, Breast Lumps
· Cyclic Migraines
· Loss of skin tone
· Dry vagina
· Infertility
· Weight gain and resistant obesity
· Insulin resistance
· Low blood sugar
· Carbohydrate cravings (sweets, cakes, chocolate, pastries etc)
· Emotional outburst (crying, anger, frustration)
· Loss of bone density

I am sure there more that I haven’t thought of at this point, but you may know all too well some or many of the above symptoms.

Physicians today often use synthetic hormone analogs to treat these symptoms, but they have side effects, and normally target just one of the suspect hormones, hormones do not act alone, they work together to create harmony. Add this to the fact that if a synthetic or pseudo hormone is administered the natural production of hormones ceases.

Pseudo hormones are those substances that are in our environment and food that mimic naturally occurring hormones yet do none of the good work normal hormones do. Synthetic hormones are the man made hormones that are produced to replace some of the known action of particular hormones. There is also a range of drugs that block certain hormones from being produced naturally in the body.

This is all very complicated I know and I have tried to simplify it as much as possible for you. The wonderful work of nature is that if the natural environment is occurring in the body it will produce the perfect balance of hormones to have the entire endocrine system working in perfect harmony.

As a holistic practitioner I believe that in order to restore natural functions we need to examine the whole person. Both the mind and the body are important.

There are a number of factors that each and every one of us can control and there are a number of factors that are completely out of our control in life. It will be most productive to focus your attentions on the factors that you can control to some extent.

The power of the mind and choice
Choices you make in life become your power point. Making choices that empower your life is one of the first steps towards creating the life you desire.

Those choices will be around such things as your choice of nutritious foods, natural versus synthetic support for your natural hormones, your physical activity levels, and changing any damaging thought patterns.

Thought patterns and habits have great power in how you feel about life, often those patterns are so habitual that you may not be aware that there are other possibilities. Some of those patterns that may be counterproductive are:

· Un-informed, negative yet ‘typical’ thinking
· Emotional reactions to adversity and problems
· Ineffective problem solving strategies in dealing with life
· Self-sabotage and un-empowering thinking and beliefs
The possible alternatives are:
· Inner Peace, Harmony and genuine happiness
· Conducting life from a position of sustained personal power
· Informed choices with the ultimate outcome in mind
· Following your life’s purpose
Empower your Wellbeing with informed choices, enriched ready to meet challenges, and create inner peace, harmony and genuine happiness.

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