Sunday, October 26, 2008

New clinic, and other news

It seems much has transpired since I last wrote.:
NEW clinic opened
FREE mineral assessment available again
Anna Still as popular as ever
Where have we been?
Yes that's right I have moved to the beautiful city of Armidale NSW.Where the new clinic is now ready for consultations.
If you live or are visiting the area please phone for an appointment. 02 677 15 496
If you can't make it in person you can find a number of links on the website to access valuable on line test to restore health naturally.
----------------- visit ---------
I have set up the FREE Active Element mineral assessment again and it is fully functional. I know some of you whereVERY disappointed when it had to go offline for a while as we where O/S and could not fulfill orders.
Sorry for that, I did try to get a trusted person to takeover, without luck.The good news is I'm here and ready to take orders and review your assessment, I will send you FREE report via email with recommendations. so get clicking and get those essential elements back inbalance.


Anna's Wild Yam Cream continues to prove herself with women Though by law I can't say too much about how it does such a wonderful job of balancing hormones naturally. What I can say is that the telephone calls I get confirm what I am not allowed to say.
order on line now at:


As a side note some of you may be wondering where we where for the past few months..... we where hanging out at Frozzy's in the South West of France.
We have a rather old (say 350 years) house there, that we have renovated, added a salt water pool and now rent it out for holidays.
We love it.... South West France, our House, and thoroughly enjoy our guest, we had a great summer with them and made some lasting friends along the way...who could not love it?http//
If any of you like to paint (like me) you may be interested to join us on one of our art tours "Painting the LOT" in 2009

Yes I know not exactly health related, but one of the reason I fell in love with France is that all the herbs that I studied all those years ago, just grow wild there....what a magic place to visit. I have the makings of a great herb garden at Frozzy's and the wild herbs 'invade' at will, which is just fine with me!
Until next time good health, stay happy and drop me line or give me a call if you have questions.
02 677 15 496 or mob: 0411 079 154